RuralRevive seeks to address two pressing global challenges: Climate Change and Inclusivity. A corresponding set of values was formulated by the Steering Committee and provides the DNA of the project going forward.

Crafting a RuralRevive identity was inspired by these values which shape the vision for the future of this rural community. The resulting logo takes its cue from a national road sign indicating a change of road surface, which occurs at Maltahöhe and is why it is well known as being “where the tar road ends, and the gravel road starts”. It was a fitting point of departure for the development of a logo to symbolise a “change of status”. 


The prominent T-junction as you pass through Maltahöhe found its way into the logo, marking an analogy with the crossroads we face as humanity – the choices we must make to ensure that people and planet thrive in harmony. At the bottom of the crossroad is a straight line, indicating just continuing with a ‘business as usual’ approach, whereas the top of the crossroads depicts a completely balanced and interconnected system. Additionally, this mimics the distinction between a linear vs circular economy, with the latter being a necessary paradigm shift.

The five colours in the dots represent the Wolwedans 5Cs sustainability framework.

Commerce | Conservation | Community | Culture | Consciousness

The nine interconnected points represent the different RuralRevive project activities to be developed over the coming years, step by step and in the spirit of a public-private-partnership.

  • Horticulture/Food Security
  • Logistics and transport
  • Waste Management
  • Resources (Energy and Water)
  • Enterprise Development – ‘building a desert-based economy’ (the driving force)
  • Education and Skills Development
  • Basic Healthcare and nutrition
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Media Ecology and advocacy (tell the story and inspire others to follow suit)
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