The Laundry

Setting up a large-scale laundry operation in Maltahöhe will service the wider tourism sector in the Daweb Constituency.

The laundry facility includes a 50-kW solar installation to provide energy independence and a wastewater recycling facility to enhance sustainable operations within the arid environment. Economic opportunities will be created through a small number of employment opportunities; these will prioritise women from the local area and be on a variable hour’s basis (determined by workloads and productivity) to ensure flexibility.


Greenhouses and irrigation systems will be established on the project properties as well as on other sites in and around Maltahöhe for the production of organic, staple vegetables to supply both the local market and the wider tourism industry.

Capacity building (skills transfer) for local farmers and the youth of Maltahöhe will nurture a culture of self-sufficiency, improve local food security, and create entrepreneurial opportunities for producers.

The Barn

The Barn will primarily be a distribution hub in Maltahöhe where local farmers and small producers can deliver a variety of fresh produce (e.g. fruit and vegetables, processed meat products, eggs, cheese, etc.) with a reasonable guarantee that their produce will be absorbed by the Desert Based Economy.

 The Barn is hence designed to create a local marketplace to secure demand, while simultaneously promoting entrepreneurship. A coffee shop located at The Barn could also be established and become a meeting hub for producers and tourists alike.

The Desert Runner

A transport service to tourism enterprises in the Sossusvlei and NamibRand forms an essential component of making the holistic concept successful. A scheduled transport solution for the delivery and collection of laundry (clean and dirty linen), fresh produce, waste and, importantly, people provide a reliable and regular service that connects the dots.

As cost-effective transport is such a key factor to maximise participation and make the project work, the plan is to run this under the RuralRevive Project umbrella as a non-profit service to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

Good value for money will be the primary motivator to bring stakeholders on board; if it does not make economic sense, RuralRevive will not succeed.


A significant reduction of landfill and landscape pollution in Maltahöhe and the region will require an integrated and collective approach to managing waste as a resource with tangible value. A shift in this perception of waste will be promoted through a “Trash-to-Treasure” concept whereby re-using and re-purposing trash will be supported and given space in the market access platforms.

The aim is to ensure a cleaner and healthy living environment, which simultaneously creates livelihood opportunities. In turn, this keeps it out of the waste stream, significantly reducing landfill and landscape pollution and ensuring a clean and healthy living environment in Maltahöhe and the Daweb Constituency.


EconoMix is a tailor-made, entry-level business management programme, including the basics of financial intelligence (how to manage money and debt), costing, procurement, HR and admin, negotiation skills, and marketing. It serves as a backbone to entrepreneurial empowerment across all RuralRevive business development projects.

Those who pursue personal career aspirations will be supported with basic business skills to convert these into financially viable livelihoods, enabling them to take charge of their own destiny.

Enterprise Development

Future enterprise diversification and development opportunities will be explored as they arise. As RuralRevive takes hold and builds momentum, additional stakeholders will see merit in coming on board.

New and complementary business ventures will naturally evolve in the region, ranging from diversified services and value-add production to manufacturing and retail. Eventually, the vision is for Maltahöhe to become a thriving business hub again, creating jobs and sustaining livelihoods.

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